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Number of slips in Betmagnet:
Today (2018-02-20):182
Yesterday (2018-02-19):307
This month (2018-02):5 621
Last month (2018-01):10 460
Total:767 360
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2018-02-20 17:21:04

Account Data Sharing and Publishing

(Betmagnet updates, 2017-02-27)
Betmagnet updatesProbably the most requested feature in history of Betmagnet is finally here. Our users can now share all their account data including bets and statistics with anyone they wish. Let's take a closer look at all the new features of Betmagnet.

First of all, every user can now access his or her own personal profile page. See an example here: If you are logged in, just click on your username in the upper right corner or in the My Betmagnet box on the homepage.

Personal profile offers a quick overview of user's account including links to all sections (bets, results, sportsbooks, sports, sources), information about record bets and a summary of results (overall, this and last year, this and last month). The contents of personal profile will be improved in the future - you can always send your suggestions about what you would like to see on your profile page (use either our message boards, contact form or e-mail

Only you can view your profile unless you decide to share your account. You can do this in Settings » Sharing. Your account data including all bets and results can be shared either with everyone (i.e. published) or with certain users or with anyone who will know the password that you specify.

The best published accounts ordered by yield (return on investment) will be shown in the new box Best Public Users that appears in the right column of our homepage. The complete list of public users is accessible here.

Note that sharing only means that your account can be viewed by the public or your friends. Nobody else but you will be able to edit your data, create or settle your bets etc.

We hope you'll like these new features and we are always open to your suggestions.



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All timeTotal slipsROI
1.  xaxiiik 24 +28.38%
2.  ArEs 26 +28.18%
3.  MarlaSokoloff 34 +21.89%
This year (2018)Total slipsROI
1.  ArEs 26 +28.18%
2.  MarlaSokoloff 34 +21.89%
3.  nairam 6 +14.81%
Last year (2017)Total slipsROI
1.  xaxiiik 24 +28.38%
2.  gatsbynba 545 +7.80%
3.  SharingTest 2 +7.67%
This month (2018-02)Total slipsROI
1.  guest 1 +300.00%
2.  gatsbynba 27 +19.53%
3.  domnik 828 -9.20%
Last month (2018-01)Total slipsROI
1.  ArEs 26 +28.18%
2.  MarlaSokoloff 34 +21.89%
3.  nairam 6 +14.81%


#846063 [C]
20/2 21:14
odds: 4.000
5.00 CZK
Philadelphia - Montreal/Počet gólů N.Patrick do rozhodnutí : Více než 0.5
#846064 [C]
20/2 21:14
odds: 3.000
5.00 CZK
Toronto - Florida/Počet gólů M.Marner do rozhodnutí : Více než 0.5
#846065 [C]
20/2 21:14
odds: 3.600
5.00 CZK
Chicago - Ottawa/Počet gólů B.Saad do rozhodnutí : Více než 0.5
#846066 [C]
20/2 21:14
odds: 7.000
5.00 CZK
Salzburg - Vienna/Počet gólů M.Tratnnig do rozhodnutí : Více než 0.5
#846067 [C]
20/2 21:14
odds: 1.290
5.00 CZK
Kamke Tobias - Leshem Edan/Vítěz zápasu : Kamke


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