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Number of slips in Betmagnet:
Today (2017-10-23):117
Yesterday (2017-10-22):458
This month (2017-10):6 117
Last month (2017-09):8 152
Total:736 330
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What time is decisive for currency conversion of the slip?

Exchange rates actual as of the entered Time of the slip are used (not the time of start of any pick, not the time of slip settlement).

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Exchange Rates
1 AUD=0.664 EUR
1 BAM=0.537 EUR
1 BGN=0.511 EUR
1 BRL=0.267 EUR
1 BTC=2 296.914 EUR
1 CAD=0.677 EUR
1 CNY=0.128 EUR
1 CZK=0.039 EUR
1 DKK=0.134 EUR
1 GBP=1.116 EUR
1 HKD=0.108 EUR
1 HRK=0.133 EUR
1 HUF=0.003 EUR
1 CHF=0.862 EUR
1 ILS=0.243 EUR
1 INR=0.013 EUR
1 JPY=0.007 EUR
1 KRW=0.001 EUR
1 MXN=0.045 EUR
1 MYR=0.200 EUR
1 NOK=0.106 EUR
1 NZD=0.592 EUR
1 PHP=0.016 EUR
1 PLN=0.236 EUR
1 RON=0.218 EUR
1 RUB=0.015 EUR
1 SEK=0.104 EUR
1 SGD=0.623 EUR
1 THB=0.026 EUR
1 TRY=0.231 EUR
1 USD=0.846 EUR
1 ZAR=0.062 EUR

2017-10-23 16:12:46

Correction of Error - Please Check Your Results

(Betmagnet updates, 2014-01-20)
Betmagnet updatesAttention all Betmagnet users. We were made aware about an error in our bet settlement process. This bug is already corrected and you might see your money results improved comparing to what they were before. The bug affected about 0.15% of all slips in Betmagnet database, so there is a chance it did not affect your account at all.

The error was affecting some voided bets. Payouts of slips where all the picks were void were not being shown correctly.

On Sunday evening (19 January 2014), we corrected this bug and automatically re-calculated all bets which were affected by it in Betmagnet database.

The error affected calculations of money results where voided bets in question were present. Therefore, if you had some voided bets in your Betmagnet history, you should now see different money results (you should generally see them improved comparing to what they were before).

However, this bug did not affect account balances at sportsbooks, so you should see no changes there.

Please accept our apologies and let us know if you have any questions or problems with Betmagnet in the future. Just click the HELP button on the right side of Betmagnet website and write your message to the form.

We wish to thank Frapper77 who made us aware about this error.



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#46 | 2014-12-25 08:08:55 | Reply |

It shows on the main page that I have 1 open bet for 59EUR but actually when I click on it there is no any open bets.How I can fix this issue, please?
#47 | 2014-12-25 18:19:48 |

Dear user, we have resolved the issue. Please check your e-mail for details.


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All timeTotal slipsROI
1.  xaxiiik 24 +28.38%
2.  guest 334 +14.74%
3.  gatsbynba 275 +10.19%
This year (2017)Total slipsROI
1.  xaxiiik 24 +28.38%
2.  gatsbynba 275 +10.19%
3.  SharingTest 2 +7.67%
Last year (2016)Total slipsROI
1.  guest 31 +128.40%
This month (2017-10)Total slipsROI
1.  guest 2 +619.47%
2.  gatsbynba 58 -2.26%
3.  hugus 6 -70.64%
Last month (2017-09)Total slipsROI
1.  xaxiiik 24 +28.38%
2.  gatsbynba 36 +2.99%
3.  hugus 36 -11.98%


#812243 [C]
22/10 19:33
odds: 1.850
2.00 EUR
Brandon Ingram Over 14.5 puntos
#812242 [C]
22/10 19:33
odds: 2.200
2.00 EUR
Taurean Prince Over 6.5 rebotes
#812241 [C]
22/10 19:32
odds: 2.100
2.00 EUR
Atlanta Hawks gana a Brooklyn Nets
#812240 [C]
22/10 19:32
Will Hill
odds: 1.850
2.00 EUR
Melilla -4 gana a Huesca
#812239 [C]
22/10 19:31
Will Hill
odds: 1.900
2.00 EUR
Joventut +11.5 gana a Gran Canaria


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