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Welcome to Betmagnet - Sports Betting Record Keeping on the Internet

See how you are doing at various sportsbooks
See how you are doing at various sportsbooks

Compare sources of your bets
Compare sources of your bets

Take a look at your profit/loss timeline
Take a look at your profit/loss timeline

Find out who and what brings you the most money
Find out who and what brings you the most money

And much more...
  • Do you bet on sport?
  • Do you bet at various sportsbooks (or even in various currencies)?
  • Do you make picks yourself and/or take advice from fellow bettors (sports betting sites, closed forums, friends etc.)?
  • Do you finally want to know how much exactly you are winning or losing?
    • Which sportsbooks are you beating and which sportsbooks are beating you?
    • Picks on which sports inspired by which people are bringing you money or taking it away from you?
    • How good or bad are you results in live betting, long-term bets, arbitrages or surebets?

Then Betmagnet is the right place for you!

Our site will let you easily keep record of all the bets you make. You can enter what you are betting on, at which sportsbook, in which currency, for which odds and from which source. After you settle your bets you can see all your results combined or split by almost any criteria you can imagine.

To make things easier, you can copy slips from some sportsbooks that offer this feature (at this time Czech and Slovak sportsbooks Fortuna, Tipsport and Chance). You can also create slip templates for your common bets.

To Try the System (GUEST ACCOUNT)...

... you can login with username guest and password guest. Try anything you want under this guest account (enter slips, create templates, settle slips, see the results, add sportsbooks, sports and sources etc.). If you feel that Betmagnet would be useful for you you can start your own secure account for free whenever you want.

Is it free?

Yes, Betmagnet is a free service.

How can I start?

Please follow the instructions here.

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When creating a new bet, I can't see the sportsbook / sport / source I want. What do I do?

Add the desired sportsbook / sport / source into your personal list via sections of the main menu (My Sportsbooks, My Sports, My Sources). Then create your slip again.

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Betmagnet: Leading the way in online bet tracking
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#665149 N [C]
10/9 14:38
odds: 1.830
3.00 EUR
India - Chinese Taipei (Q3) Under 158.5
#665133 N [C]
10/9 13:57
odds: 1.760
2.64 EUR
Turk Telekom - Bursaspor (HT) Turk +1.5
#665120 N [C]
10/9 13:23
odds: 1.925
2.00 EUR
St. Pauli - Arminia Bielefeld (1H) Under 1.75
#665024 N [C]
10/9 11:21
odds: 1.830
2.00 EUR
Upfighting Maroons - DLSU Green Archers (Q1) Under 172.5
#664997 N [C]
10/9 10:21
odds: 1.830
2.50 EUR
Dandenong Rangers (W) - KilsythCobras (W) (Q3) Over 144.5


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