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2019-06-20 11:14:53

Interesting Sports Prop Bets

(Noticias de Apuestas, 2016-10-10)
Noticias de ApuestasSports fans from all over the globe enjoy a good gamble, right? And if you’re a regular gambler, picking win, lose or draw time after time can get monotonous. Variety is the spice of life after all, so why not spice up your wagers with a few fun prop bets? Even if you only wager a small amount, the amount of intensity and adrenaline you can experience waiting for something silly to happen is a surprisingly large enhancement to your watching experience.

What is a Prop Bet?

A prop bet, for the uninitiated, is a bet that does not necessarily rely on the outcome of the game, but rather the outcome of some novelty event. Some very popular bets include “What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach” in the Superbowl, or “Last Longer” props in poker. A “Last Longer” is a prop wherein two players bet on who will last longer in the tournament. Even if neither man makes it into the money, they can recoup some of their losses (or make a profit) by simply outlasting the other man.

Not all prop bets are necessarily zany, in fact many of the standard bets are considered prop bets. Bets like “who will score first?” “what will the final score be?” “who will win the Golden Boot?” These standard type bets are also considered prop bets. For the sake of this article, though, we are mostly considering just the fun and funny prop bets that make us laugh and make us watch the games in a different way.

Now that we know what a prop bet is (or probably you already did know!), lets take a look at some interesting prop or novelty type sports bets.

From USA Today, from last year’s Superbowl:

Will Peyton Manning be seen crying at any point during the broadcast?
If Steph Curry is shown on the broadcast, what type of shirt will he be wearing?

From Betserr, regarding football (soccer) betting:

Balls on Table - while not exactly a prop bet, the Betserr site offers a money-back percentage to brave bettors that routinely put their “balls on the table”
No Brainer - the No Brainer is the cash back percentage for smart, heady gamblers.

From last year’s NBA Championship:

Odds a statue of Lebron James will one day be built outside the Quicken Loan arena - 1/1
Odds that Steph Curry and Lebron James play on the same team at some point - 20/1

From the MLB Playoffs and World Series:

Will any player hit for the cycle during the playoffs?
Will any player hit for the cycle during the World Series?

From UFC:

Location of first cut on fighter’s face?
How many times will Joe Rogan Mention Ronda Rousey?
How many Grammy winning artists will be in the front row?

This list could go on and on, with funny and ridiculous prop bets from nearly any sport. Bookies know we like to gamble, so they will continue to make these fun bets as long as people are putting money on one side or the other. And as ridiculous as some of these are (and they ARE ridiculous), they are increasing in popularity. The Gatorade toss prop, which is now a Superbowl standard, has gained so much popularity in recent years that now the bet is wagered on by millions worldwide.


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