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2019-06-20 11:14:53

What is a Lucky 15 bet?

(Noticias de Apuestas, 2018-05-15)
Noticias de ApuestasMost methods of betting on horse racing are pretty self-explanatory but in the case of the Lucky 15, not only do a lot of the more inexperienced punters not understand what it is, but some don’t even recognise it as being an actual betting market.

It’s a shame to miss out on backing Lucky 15s as they’re an interesting way of mixing up your horse racing tips for the week, so it’s worth getting to know exactly what they are and how they work. The more advanced horse racing punter will happily get behind a Lucky 15 but for those who aren’t quite so knowledgeable, sites like The Winners Enclosure have a Lucky 15 bet every day, which is added to a page exclusively devoted to that type of bet.

The Lucky 15 Market

If you’re betting on football, all of the markets appear on the page for each match. Horse racing is different, as most of the additional factors you can add in such as the horse to win rather than place come when backing the chosen horse. The same goes for backing the Lucky 15 option, with it appearing underneath the accumulator option after selecting at least four horses.

From opting to back your chosen four horses in a Lucky 15 bet, your stake will be fifteen times whatever you place, so betting £1 will need a £15 stake. This is due to a Lucky 15 being based around backing fifteen bets at once, which is where the technical side comes into it. With a Lucky 15, all four horses are added into fifteen bets including four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator, with all of these bets tying all horses together in every possible variation.

These bets sound confusing at first but are easy to grasp once you’ve had a few tries at them. It’s common for people backing them to put £15 on them but you can equally put any amount of them, as long as you’re aware that your stake will be fifteen times what you enter in.

The key reason for this method of betting being so popular is that with so many bets happening at once from just one selection, even if one or more of your horses fails to win their race, you could still win money from wins in your other selections. There’s also the option to back Lucky 15s each way, but that needs an each way stake, amounting to thirty-times your stake rather than fifteen.


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#1002294 [C]
20/6 18:38
cuota: 1.500
300.00 CZK
St. Louis Cardinals - Miami Marlins/Vítěz zápasu do rozhodnutí: St. Louis
#1002285 [C]
20/6 17:20
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10.00 CZK
Sirius - Djurgarden /Výsledek zápasu bez remízy: Djurgarden
#1002286 [C]
20/6 17:20
cuota: 1.750
10.00 CZK
Elfsborg - Örebro/Výsledek zápasu bez remízy: Elfsborg
#1002287 [C]
20/6 17:20
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10.00 CZK
Helsingborg - IFK Göteborg /Výsledek zápasu bez remízy: IFK Göteborg
#1002288 [C]
20/6 17:20
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Kamerun Ž - Nový Zéland Ž /Výsledek zápasu bez remízy: N. Zéland Ž


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