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Re: IMPORTANT NEW FEATURE: Various types of commissions (fee

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Keepa87 wrote:The last thing is, could you maybe add a commission type like "from total payout regardless of the result"? In Germany if wie bet 100 EUR and the bet is void we will only get back 95 EUR on some bookmarkers, like bet365. Other Bookies like pay the full amount back
Dear user, this way of calculating commission seems brutally unfair and we can't believe something like this is happening in a developed country like Germany. We seriously suggest to file a lawsuit against this clear theft.

We will consider adding such type of commission but it will probably not happen anytime soon. You can actually achieve the desired calculation if you proceed as follows:
- edit your slip and set odds of 1.00 with all picks on that slip;
- settle your slip as winning (by clicking OK).

This way the robbery-like fee of 5 % will be calculated correctly. Of course this may slightly skew your statistical splits by odds but this seems to be the best way to achieve what you need.
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