IMPORTANT NEW FEATURE: Filter Templates for My Bets

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IMPORTANT NEW FEATURE: Filter Templates for My Bets

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Eagle56 wrote:If I filter my bets (mostly to sports) I have to filter for my next bets again. So - if its not a lot to program it would be great to have the options:
- Return to my bets and additionally
- Return to last used filter.
This important feature is finally here! It is called FILTER TEMPLATES and we believe it will be very helpful for many users.

You can now save your favourite filter settings for My Bets section into templates and then use them repeatedly.

You can also set your default filter template which means that this filter template will automatically be used whenever you click on "My Bets" in the main menu (thus replacing the default behaviour of Betmagnet which is to show all open bets whenever you visit My Bets).

We tried to make filter templates as easy and intuitive as possible (their use is very similar to new bet templates) - please take a look at this guide.

Please to share your thoughts and ideas about filter templates here ;)
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