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Click on ID of a slip to view all details of that slip on a special page. Click on [E] to edit the slip. Click on [×] to delete the slip. Click on [C] to prepare a copy of the slip.

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Slip Notes & New Filtering Options

(Betmagnet updates, 2013-08-26)
Betmagnet updatesBetmagnet users can now save text notes with every slip they create. In My Bets section, slips can be filtered by whether or not they contain a note as well as by note contents. This gives you another way to browse and count your betting stats. In other news, betting slips in My Bets now clearly show whether they are private (default), shared with friends or public. They can be filtered by this attribute as well.

Betting slip with a note will have an N icon in ID/Action column. Text of the note will appear when you hover your mouse over that icon. Full text of the note will also be available on each slip's page (after cliking on slip ID).

Information about the slip's sharing status will be shown in ID/Action column as well. You can make a slip private/shared with friends/shared with public on each slip's page in the upper right-hand corner. Every slip is set to be private by default when you create it.


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All timeTotal slipsROI
1.  SirRainmaker 17 +102.04%
2.  Scriber739 157 +46.29%
3.  Hody17 163 +39.78%
This year (2019)Total slipsROI
1.  Hody17 9 +61.08%
2.  stetrian 301 +16.96%
3.  ScottishBastard 21 -3.01%
Last year (2018)Total slipsROI
1.  SirRainmaker 17 +102.04%
2.  Scriber739 157 +46.29%
3.  Hody17 154 +33.40%
This month (2019-06)Total slipsROI
1.  domnik 230 -2.10%
2.  stetrian 22 -41.86%
Last month (2019-05)Total slipsROI
1.  stetrian 56 +23.82%
2.  domnik 452 -20.31%


#1000615 [C]
17/6 01:00
odds: 3.050
10.00 EUR
Acreano v Tombense X
#1000614 [C]
16/6 22:00
odds: 3.070
10.00 EUR
Boa v Ypiranga X
#1000617 [C]
16/6 19:00
odds: 3.400
10.00 EUR
Jerv v Sandnes X
#1000876 [C]
16/6 18:38
odds: 1.220
200.00 CZK
Auger Aliassime Felix - Berrettini Matteo /Vítěz zápasu: M.Berrettini
#1000733 [C]
16/6 17:20
odds: 1.300
10.00 CZK
Paraguay - Katar /Výsledek zápasu bez remízy: Paraguay


Sportsbook of the Day: Pinnacle
Betmagnet's Opinion: Arguably the best sportsbook for a serious player. Pinnacle has the highest odds on the market and never discriminates a winning player in any way which is unique. The offer is very wide with high limits (up to tens of thousands of dollars) on traditional and big competitions (NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL etc.). Perhaps the only disadvantages are lower limits on marginal competitions and the limited possibility for parlay and system bets.

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