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Odds Converter Odds Converter

Start typing the odds you want to have converted. You will see the results in the table below immediately as you type.

The type of the odds (american/fractional/decimal) will be recognized automatically.

Just remember to start american odds with either minus (-) or plus (+) and use slash (/) as a division sign when typing fractional odds.

You have to enter valid odds in order to get valid results. If the results you see are non-sense you probably made a mistake when typing the odds.

If you have any questions or ideas about this tool please share them in this thread.

This tool helps you convert between decimal (EU), american (US) and fractional (UK) odd types quickly and easily.

Odds to convert:

Odds TypeOdds
Start typing the odds...

Is There Value?

Based on the odds you entered this pick must win more than N/A of the time in order to be profitable over the long term.

If you - after conducting a thorough analysis - believe that the pick with these odds has more than the above stated percentage probability of winning you should make this bet and see profit over the long term. If the probability is lower you should pass on this bet.

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