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Averigua tu éxito con casas de apuestas varias
Averigua tu éxito con casas de apuestas varias

Compara las fuentes de tus apuestas
Compara las fuentes de tus apuestas

Mira tus resultados en el eje del tiempo
Mira tus resultados en el eje del tiempo

Averigua qué und quién te trae ganacias
Averigua qué und quién te trae ganacias

Y mucho más...
  • ¿Apuestas en deportes?
  • ¿Apuestas en casas de apuestas varias (o hasta en monedas varias)?
  • ¿Apuestas de tu cabeza o tomas consejos de otros apostadores (páginas de apuestas, foros cerrados, amigos etc.)?
  • ¿Quieres finalmente saber, cuánto exactamente ganas o pierdes?
    • ¿En qué casas de apuestas tienes éxito?
    • ¿Apuestas en qué deportes inspirados de qué fuentes te ganan o pierden dinero?
    • ¿Cómo son tus resultados en apuestas live, apuestas a largo plazo, arbitrajes y surebets?

¡Entonces Betmagnet es el servicio para tí!

En nuestra página puedes fácilmente meter todos tus boletos con todos los detalles: casa de apuestas, moneda, fuente, deporte, competición, cuota, cantidad y mucho más. Después de evaluar los boletos, puedes ver todos tus estadísticas en total o divididas según criterios varios.

Para simplificar el proceso de meter los boletos puedes guardar y usar plantillas.

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2014-07-28 11:20:02
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(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2014-05-13)
Noticias de BetmagnetSection My Results underwent small improvements. Timeframe selector is now arranged better. You should also experience faster page loading.

Betmagnet: Leading the way in online bet tracking
Betmagnet serves real bettors from all around the world who are serious about their wagering. Want to approach them with your ad? Contact us...

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2014-02-22)
Noticias de BetmagnetBetmagnet users can now quickly merge their sports and sources. Visit sections My Sports and My Sources and you'll see the new action called "merge" next to every sport/source.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2014-01-20)
Noticias de BetmagnetAttention all Betmagnet users. We were made aware about an error in our bet settlement process. This bug is already corrected and you might see your money results improved comparing to what they were before. The bug affected about 0.15% of all slips in Betmagnet database, so there is a chance it did not affect your account at all.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2013-09-23)
Noticias de BetmagnetOur registered users can take part in new simple discussions under every news article and every betting slip (discussions under private slips and slips shared with friends are of course only available to users with access to the slip in question). Slip owners can delete any posts under their slips at will.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2013-08-26)
Noticias de BetmagnetBetmagnet users can now save text notes with every slip they create. In My Bets section, slips can be filtered by whether or not they contain a note as well as by note contents. This gives you another way to browse and count your betting stats. In other news, betting slips in My Bets now clearly show whether they are private (default), shared with friends or public. They can be filtered by this attribute as well.

(Noticias de Apuestas, 2013-08-20)
Noticias de ApuestasThere is nothing more likely to enhance your horse racing enjoyment than placing a bet on the race of your choice. Whether you are caught up in the excitement of a big race or if it’s a small track meeting that you’re following, having a flutter will add to the excitement.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2013-08-06)
Noticias de BetmagnetAs per requests of our users especially from Germany, we added the fourth commission type you can use when creating or editing your slip (you can of course also set it as default when creating or editing your sportsbook): commission in percent from total payout, only if the slip wins.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2013-07-24)
Noticias de BetmagnetBetmagnet has gone through a facelift. Aside from slight design improvements, the changes affect mostly our main page. You'll also see three new function buttons on the right edge of the site. Read more inside the article...

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#315395 [C]
13/6 20:39
Paddy Power
cuota: 1.444
210.00 EUR
#315394 [C]
13/6 20:34
Paddy Power
cuota: 2.411
50.00 EUR
#1 Spain DnB
#2 Chile
#3 Colombia DnB
#315181 [C]
13/6 00:14
Paddy Power
cuota: 3.563
40.00 EUR
#1 Brazil
#2 Spain
#3 Chile
#270437 N [C]
24/2 14:05
cuota: 4.610
25.00 EUR
Viena, Linz, Znojmo
#260349 [C]
2/2 12:23
cuota: 1.680
100.00 EUR
ENG CHAM Nottingham - Yeovil 3+


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