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Mira tus resultados en el eje del tiempo

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Averigua qué und quién te trae ganacias

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(Noticias de Apuestas, 2018-03-06)
Noticias de ApuestasOnline bookmakers now provide a wealth of pre-match football betting markets that allow punters to predict a variety of outcomes within the 90 minutes. Despite new additions, such as the five-minute market and booking points, betting on anytime goalscorers still remains extremely popular and it is a great way of finding a value bet without tying yourself in knots, attempting to predict the outcome of a match. They provide a fun way of getting involved and if played successfully, they can help boost your betting balance significantly. We take a look at some of the key factors to consider before placing an anytime goalscorer wager.

Betmagnet: Leading the way in online bet tracking
Betmagnet serves real bettors from all around the world who are serious about their wagering. Want to approach them with your ad? Contact us...

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Noticias de ApuestasHow to avoid the most common mistakes in betting? How important is the bookmaker you choose? What impact do cognitive biases have on bettors?

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2017-02-27)
Noticias de BetmagnetProbablemente la función más solicitada en la historia de Betmagnet está finalmente aquí. Nuestros usuarios ahora pueden compartir todos sus datos de cuenta, incluyendo apuestas y estadísticas, con cualquier persona que deseen. Echemos un vistazo a todas las nuevas características de Betmagnet.

(Noticias de Apuestas, 2017-02-11)
Noticias de ApuestasPinnacle has been successfully operating a unique high volume, low margin, winners welcome model since 1998. They are often asked why this approach hasn't been successfully copied. The fascinating answer from their Trading Director is both an interesting commentary on modern bookmaking and a metaphor involving a shark tank.

(Noticias de Apuestas, 2016-10-10)
Noticias de ApuestasSports fans from all over the globe enjoy a good gamble, right? And if you’re a regular gambler, picking win, lose or draw time after time can get monotonous. Variety is the spice of life after all, so why not spice up your wagers with a few fun prop bets? Even if you only wager a small amount, the amount of intensity and adrenaline you can experience waiting for something silly to happen is a surprisingly large enhancement to your watching experience.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2016-08-25)
Noticias de BetmagnetA full dozen of new currencies is now available to Betmagnet users. See the full list inside of the article. This means that you can now track your bets in a total of 33 currencies with exchange rates updated daily. As of 25 August 2016, we also changed our source of exchange rates to the European Central Bank (ECB).

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2016-02-27)
Noticias de BetmagnetAs of today, you can easily track your bets and other transactions in the virtual currency of Bitcoin on Betmagnet.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2015-04-29)
Noticias de BetmagnetThree new currencies are now available on Betmagnet: CNY (Chinese yuan - renminbi), BGN (Bulgarian lev) and BAM (Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark).

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2014-09-20)
Noticias de BetmagnetA much requested feature has been added to My Results section: Betmagnet users can now easily specify a custom period to show their results and split them by all the available criteria.

(Noticias de Betmagnet, 2014-05-13)
Noticias de BetmagnetSection My Results underwent small improvements. Timeframe selector is now arranged better. You should also experience faster page loading.

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LeoVegas Betting

1.  xaxiiik 24 +28.38%
2.  ArEs 26 +28.18%
3.  MarlaSokoloff 34 +21.89%
Este año (2018)BoletosRendimiento
1.  ArEs 26 +28.18%
2.  MarlaSokoloff 34 +21.89%
3.  nairam 6 +14.81%
Año anterior (2017)BoletosRendimiento
1.  xaxiiik 24 +28.38%
2.  gatsbynba 545 +7.80%
3.  SharingTest 2 +7.67%
Este mes (2018-03)BoletosRendimiento
1.  gatsbynba 20 +7.37%
2.  domnik 406 -2.14%
Mes anterior (2018-02)BoletosRendimiento
1.  guest 1 +300.00%
2.  gatsbynba 48 +0.72%
3.  domnik 1 293 -8.15%


#853702 [C]
18/3 07:27
cuota: 1.800
5.00 CZK
Osijek - Hajduk Split/Výsledek zápasu bez remízy : Hajduk Split
#853695 [C]
18/3 07:27
cuota: 1.460
5.00 CZK
Sapporo-Nagasaki/Výsledek zápasu bez remízy : Sapporo
#853696 [C]
18/3 07:27
cuota: 1.530
5.00 CZK
Gamba-Kashiwa/Výsledek zápasu bez remízy : Kashiwa
#853697 [C]
18/3 07:27
cuota: 1.450
5.00 CZK
Hiroshima - Iwata/Výsledek zápasu bez remízy : Hiroshima
#853698 [C]
18/3 07:27
cuota: 1.370
5.00 CZK
Nagoja - Kawasaki/Výsledek zápasu bez remízy : Kawasaki


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