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Du musst registriert und angemeldet sein, um diese Funktion benutzen zu können. Registrierung ist kostenlos.
Du kannst Betmagnet auch mit einem Gästekonto probieren. Melde dich einfach an mit dem Benutzernamen „guest“ und Passwort „guest“.

Liste der bekannten Wettbüros

Meinung von Betmagnet: The main sponsor for the Premier League Team Watford is offering Sportsbook and Casino. Aside from the best products, they also aim to deliver quality customer service 24/7 through their English and Mandarin/Cantonese speaking representatives via telephone, chat and email. New customers can get a free bet of up to 25 GBP or 25 EUR.
Meinung von Betmagnet: A great new sportsbook with high odds and a very wide offer.
Meinung von Betmagnet: Bet-at-home is a solid sportsbook but a big part of its offer usually looks like it was taken from Bwin with mildly lowered odds. Nevertheless, BAH is a relevant sportsbook because it has acceptable betting limits and it comes in handy when you need to place a bet which has already been pulled from Bwin's offer or which Bwin accepts only for a very low stake.
Meinung von Betmagnet: One of the biggest sportsbooks in Europe has huge offer, solid odds, good sized betting limits and very fast payouts. It has the widest variety of live bets even on a lot of marginal competitions all around the world. Advisable to every player from recreational to serious. 100% bonus on your initial deposit!
Meinung von Betmagnet: Recommendable for its wide offer, relatively high odds and limits. The level of hostility to a winning player is on par with the market average.
Meinung von Betmagnet: Ever dreamed of becoming a bookmaker? You can at Betfair - the biggest and most renown betting exchange. You can be the bookie and offer other users your odds or take the offers they've made. Limits vary depending on how many users are working on a specific league or contest. You can get some huge bonuses (up to 1500€) if you are active.
BNC BetNCatch
Meinung von Betmagnet: Make your First Deposit to BetRedKings using deposit code: BRKBONUS and get a 100% first deposit bonus up to €25, £20 or $30 (note that you can't use Ukash, Paysafecard, Webmoney, Moneybookers or Neteller to deposit if you want to get this bonus). BetRedKings also offer a unique cashback loyalty promotion: if you're getting unlucky and you're regularly betting at BetRedKings, you can get up to 20% of your losses back!
Meinung von Betmagnet: A traditional brand on the sports betting market has a license in Malta and offers new customers a free bet of 20 EUR.
Meinung von Betmagnet: The very broad and interesting betting offer is sadly no good because of laughable limits.
Meinung von Betmagnet: British sportsbook sometimes has the best odds on certain picks and acceptable limits make it useful.
Meinung von Betmagnet: The biggest European sportsbook with probably the widest offer on the market. Odds average, limits from below-average to average, but undoubtedly the foundation for every European sports bettor. Bonus 30€ for new players!
Meinung von Betmagnet: Slovak sportsbook has a solid range of its offer and acceptable odds. But the limits are questionable and once you start winning even relatively small amounts, your personal limits will be lowered faster than is usual with most other sportsbooks.
Meinung von Betmagnet: Traditional European online sportsbook now belongs to the same business group as BetClic. However, Expekt is better for more serious tipsters and has a broad offer with good odds. Now with 50€ bonus!
Meinung von Betmagnet: If you are serious about your sports betting, avoid this so-called sportsbook. Once you win even a tiny amount, you are done.
Meinung von Betmagnet: One of the oldest online sportsbooks belongs to the market average but has relatively low betting limits.
Meinung von Betmagnet: The third most important Czech sportsbook often pleasantly surprises with high odds and a broad offer of special bets.
Meinung von Betmagnet: The variety of Interwetten's offer is questionable itself and the extremely low betting limits probably pave the way into oblivion for one of the most traditional Internet sportsbooks.
Meinung von Betmagnet: Labrokes is a traditional mark with a broad offer, good odds and acceptable betting limits.
Meinung von Betmagnet: Mybet is a relatively new brand but if often has very interesting offer with good odds. Payouts are fast and you can get yourself a 100€ bonus as a new player!
Meinung von Betmagnet: This local Slovak sportsbook will only open an account for you if you have a bank account in Slovakia. The offer is very interesting with low limits and fee of 5% on bets above 70 EUR.
Meinung von Betmagnet: A solid Scandinavian sportsbook has a wide offer and is advisable to every sort of player. The only downside are betting limits which were recently lowered and they are now below-average.
Meinung von Betmagnet: An almost useless sportsbook has laughable betting limits and is extremely hostile to any signs of a serious player.
     Paddy Power
Meinung von Betmagnet: Arguably the best sportsbook for a serious player. Pinnacle has the highest odds on the market and never discriminates a winning player in any way which is unique. The offer is very wide with high limits (up to tens of thousands of dollars) on traditional and big competitions (NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL etc.). Perhaps the only disadvantages are lower limits on marginal competitions and the limited possibility for parlay and system bets.
Meinung von Betmagnet: Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) is an internet wallet. Above all it is the best and most popular way to deposit and withdraw money to and from almost any online sportsbook. You can cash out your winnings to a bank account or pay for goods and services directly. You can even get a MasterCard linked to your Skrill account! Even though Skrill is not a sportsbook, you can add it to your list and keep track of all your Skrill transactions on Betmagnet.
Meinung von Betmagnet: A big European sportsbook has a wide offer with a whole lot of live bets and acceptable limits. But, when taken to an odds comparison with other sportsbooks, it rarely succeeds.
Meinung von Betmagnet: A good-sounding British brand has wide offer but the extremely low betting limits make it almost a parody of a sportsbook. Useless even for some recreational players, you should start an account here only if your usual stake is in single digits (EUR or GBP).
Meinung von Betmagnet: The brand new sportsbook Tipbet from Malta lets you choose your own first deposit bonus: either 200% up to €50 or 100% up to €100. Don't hesitate and start making money with your new account now!
Meinung von Betmagnet: The biggest Czech sportsbook with the broadest offer of both pre-game and live bets - that is Tipsport. New members get 150 CZK (ca 6 EUR) just for registration and a massive first deposit bonus of up to 50.000 CZK (ca 1850 EUR)!
Meinung von Betmagnet: A solid european sportsbook has a very wide offer bud below average betting limits.
Meinung von Betmagnet: Traditional British sportsbook has wide offer but relatively low limits. Good rather for a recreational player.
     Will Hill

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