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Condiciones de uso

By registering and/or by using the "Betmagnet" website, database and application, you fully agree to all of the following Terms and Conditions.

  1. The purpose of "Betmagnet" is to keep record of registered user's bets placed at various sportsbooks.
  2. Entering a bet/slip and/or any other kind of data into the "Betmagnet" database does not create any kind of financial relationship or obligation between the user and "Betmagnet". It serves only for the record keeping purposes of the user.
  3. All of the bets/slips entered by the user into the "Betmagnet" database and all of the user's betting statistics that are based on his bets/slips in the "Betmagnet" database are strictly confidential. Only the following people have access to these bets/slips and statistics in the "Betmagnet" database: the user who entered the bet/slip; the administrator of "Betmagnet" and verified staff members of "Betmagnet" for the purposes of correcting errors and/or further development of "Betmagnet"; people who gain access to the bet/slip according to the next point of these Terms & Conditions.
  4. The user who entered a bet/slip into the "Betmagnet" database may explicitly choose to share that particular bet/slip with other people. If the user chooses to share the bet/slip with his friends only, "Betmagnet" will generate a link to that bet/slip protected with a security code and only people who access the exact link with the correct security code will have access to that bet/slip. If the user chooses to share the bet/slip with the public, the bet/slip will be shown among public slips on the main page of "Betmagnet" and anyone will be able to access it by entering the bet/slip's URL with the bet/slip's correct ID.
  5. The owners and staff of "Betmagnet" cannot be made liable in any way for any damages caused by using and/or by any mistake or error of "Betmagnet", be it a counting mistake, non-functionality of any part of "Betmagnet", temporary or permanent inaccessibility of "Betmagnet" and/or any other kind of mistake or error.

You are obliged to immediately stop using "Betmagnet" if you do not fully agree to all of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions. You can also ask the administrator of "Betmagnet" to delete all your data from the "Betmagnet" database and delete your account permanently by sending an e-mail to

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