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Betting Automation – What You Need to Know

(Betting news, 2019-09-22)
Betting newsBetting is becoming harder and harder day by day because of the increasing competition in the world of betting. Value bets are needed in order to stay ahead of the competition and searching for the value bets in the long list of sports, well that isn’t easy as well. Even if you did manage to find good software that provides you with a list of value bets, there is a still a number of steps that you have to perform to place your bet. First of all, you physically have to be on the system when the value bet appears. Next you have to see the value bet, log into your account, go to the bookmaker’s website to find the value bet. Finally you need to decide the stake you want to place on the bet and then actually placing it.

Imagine you not being fast enough to place the bet while going through all these steps and a number of other bettors have already got the golden opportunity and placed their bet meanwhile. It’s a pity that only because you are not fast enough to place a bet in time, you have missed an incredibly profitable opportunity. That actually happens most of the time when a value betting software gives you an alert.

Even if you manage to place a bet manually, you have wasted a lot of your precious time that you could have invested in placing other bets. So what’s the solution? Well, one thing you can do is download the mobile app of Bet365 so that you can place your bets instantly when an alert pops up without going to computer and logging in your account every time. The other thing that you can do is to use betting automation.

Betting Automation for Bookmakers

The technology has become enough advance to facilitate the betting industry requiring that you are sharp enough to utilize it for your own benefit. You can easily automate the whole betting process using the latest bookmaker APIs available in the market. The developers who have used automation APIs in their websites allow the bookmakers to get in more bet requests which automatically increases the profit ratio. If you are in for some great profits, you need to remodel your betting website to give bettors an opportunity to automatically place bets whenever a new value bet strikes. This not only helps the bettors but the bookmakers as well.

Betting Automation for Bettors

There are a plethora of bookmakers that have already automated their websites using the automation APIs allowing the bettors to place their bets automatically. Although the number is still small, the names are big enough to consider. Some famous names of bookmakers in this list include Pinnacle and Betfair. You can automate your bet placing process to earn some big advantages.

Betting Automation Tool

One of the most sophisticated betting automation tools available online is It manages to place bets instead of a human according to the given instructions. ESPN describes quite well how technology is going to impact the betting industry in the near future.


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All timeTotal slipsROI
1.  SirRainmaker 19 +100.29%
2.  Scriber739 157 +46.29%
3.  Hody17 224 +33.67%
This year (2021)Total slipsROI
1.  taktik85 698 -0.61%
2.  Stetrian62 272 -7.02%
Last year (2020)Total slipsROI
1.  Hody17 61 +23.98%
2.  Stetrian62 415 +21.65%
3.  mreduardo 88 +7.26%
This month (2021-04)Total slipsROI
1.  Stetrian62 77 -2.14%
2.  taktik85 174 -13.06%
Last month (2021-03)Total slipsROI
1.  taktik85 320 -1.18%
2.  Stetrian62 150 -8.54%


#1184452 [C]
18/4 13:01
Synot tip
odds: 43.716
0.50 EUR
#1 Manchester Utd. - Burnley 1
#2 Atlético Madrid - SD Eibar 1
#3 Slovan Liberec - Slavia Praha Tím1 celkový počet gólov Nad (0.5)
#4 FC Ingolstadt 04 - SV Meppen 1
#5 VfL Bochum - Hannover 1
#6 Salzburg - LASK Linz 1
#7 Slavoj Vyšehrad - SK Prostějov 2
#8 Wehen Wiesbaden - SpVgg Unterhaching 1
#9 FC Hradec Králové - Třinec 1
#1184438 [C]
18/4 12:45
odds: 1.560
10.00 EUR
Nantes - Lyon 2
#1184437 [C]
18/4 12:44
odds: 1.940
10.00 EUR
Leicester - Southampton 1
#1184436 [C]
18/4 12:43
odds: 1.850
10.00 EUR
Dijon - Nice 2
#1184435 [C]
18/4 12:42
odds: 1.860
10.00 EUR
Real Betis v Valencia CF 1


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