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Value Betting – Everything You Need to Know

(Betting news, 2019-09-22)
Betting newsValue betting is certainly not a new term in the world of sports betting, but the recent shift in the trends of 2019 is putting a great emphasis on value betting. Where arbitrage betting was in focus in the past, value betting has become the latest craze of the modern world. Therefore if you want to earn serious profits in sports betting, you need to have in-depth knowledge of value betting.

So what is value betting? Let us have a look at it first.

What is Value Betting?

If you have been in the betting industry for some time now, you definitely should have heard about the term arbitrage betting. In arbitrage betting, the bettor places a number of bets in order to maximize his odds of winning. However, value betting is the opposite of it.

In value betting, you place a bet only when there is a gap between your calculated odds and the odds given to you by the bookmaker. In value betting, you actually take maximum advantage of the overpriced odds. You have to look for the situations where the bookmakers are providing you odds that are higher than the real ones. In other words, you take advantage of the situation where the odds of an event happening is actually higher than the one given by the bookie. Placing a bet on such an event will make sure that you earn more profits in the long run. The sportsinsights article describes quite well why value betting is important.

Let’s just take an example of a coin toss. We know that the odds of getting heads are even. But what if the bookmaker told you that the odds of heads were 2:1, you would be in great profit. If you play 20 games with $1 bet each, you would have won $20 and lost $10 in case if the heads came up $20 times. Isn’t that a great deal?

Value Betting Approach

Volatility is the word that we use with value betting. As value betting is riskier than the arbitrage betting, it is worth mentioning here that in value betting the outcome is uncertain. So you cannot be sure of your win but if you win, you will have a comparatively greater profit margin. The bettor is usually shielded against the bad outcome in arbitrage betting but this is not the case with value betting so the volatility is increased.

You can be lucky at some times and make more profits with value betting but you can be unlucky at other times as you are chasing the mispriced odds. But value bets definitely provide you benefits in the long run making it worthwhile. If you are interested in knowing more about the sports betting, you can visit for detailed reviews of the bookmakers and news regarding sports betting.

Fundamental vs. Technical Value Betting

Fundamental betting is the old traditional way of calculating your own odds and then placing a value bet when you think that bookie is on the wrong page. Whereas the technical betting is the new and trending one in 2019 that focuses on placing the value bets considering what the market thinks about the odds and comparing it with the bookies.


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All timeTotal slipsROI
1.  SirRainmaker 19 +100.29%
2.  Scriber739 157 +46.29%
3.  Hody17 224 +33.67%
This year (2021)Total slipsROI
1.  taktik85 698 -0.61%
2.  Stetrian62 272 -7.02%
Last year (2020)Total slipsROI
1.  Hody17 61 +23.98%
2.  Stetrian62 415 +21.65%
3.  mreduardo 88 +7.26%
This month (2021-04)Total slipsROI
1.  Stetrian62 77 -2.14%
2.  taktik85 174 -13.06%
Last month (2021-03)Total slipsROI
1.  taktik85 320 -1.18%
2.  Stetrian62 150 -8.54%


#1184452 [C]
18/4 13:01
Synot tip
odds: 43.716
0.50 EUR
#1 Manchester Utd. - Burnley 1
#2 Atlético Madrid - SD Eibar 1
#3 Slovan Liberec - Slavia Praha Tím1 celkový počet gólov Nad (0.5)
#4 FC Ingolstadt 04 - SV Meppen 1
#5 VfL Bochum - Hannover 1
#6 Salzburg - LASK Linz 1
#7 Slavoj Vyšehrad - SK Prostějov 2
#8 Wehen Wiesbaden - SpVgg Unterhaching 1
#9 FC Hradec Králové - Třinec 1
#1184438 [C]
18/4 12:45
odds: 1.560
10.00 EUR
Nantes - Lyon 2
#1184437 [C]
18/4 12:44
odds: 1.940
10.00 EUR
Leicester - Southampton 1
#1184436 [C]
18/4 12:43
odds: 1.850
10.00 EUR
Dijon - Nice 2
#1184435 [C]
18/4 12:42
odds: 1.860
10.00 EUR
Real Betis v Valencia CF 1


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