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When creating a new bet, I can't see the sportsbook / sport / source I want. What do I do?

Add the desired sportsbook / sport / source into your personal list via sections of the main menu (My Sportsbooks, My Sports, My Sources). Then create your slip again.

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How to Maximize Profits in Sports Betting

(Betmagnet updates, 2019-09-22)
Betmagnet updatesAlthough sports betting is not a tough thing to get started with but mastering it is not easy. You have to learn the tips and tricks and various strategies to turn your occasional wins into a continuous loop of profits. Learning the basics and earning profits every now and then is okay but it’s time to learn how you can maximize your profits in sports betting.

The two main things that you have to focus on are your arbing returns and your employed capital times. These two things make up your arbing profit. Maximizing your returns is not that difficult once you learn how to tackle both of these. You can use the arbitrage service to calculate the return of each arb pair delivered. Your main goal should be to invest in one with the maximum returns. But how do you tackle your employed capitals in your benefit? This is what today’s article is all about.

Increasing Turnover Rate

In order to increase your turnover rate in sports betting, what you need is to master the skill of money management. Money management will help you a lot especially when you are running low on budget. First thing you need to remember is to avoid making too many transactions. You might be spending money on bookmakers through a broker so you need to plan ahead of how much money you are actually going to spend on a single bookie.

But in order to increase your turnover rate, you definitely want to invest all of your money to get the maximum benefit. This doesn’t take you anywhere as your chances of losses are equal to your chances of winning. So money management is important.

Money Management in Sports Betting

You know that an arb usually have a soft and a sharp book, so you should consider splitting your money in the ratio of 50:50 as a starting point. Not only this, but you also have to consider a number of other factors here:

• According to experts, your chances of winning at soft books are slightly higher than the sharp ones. So in reality, you would need to set slightly greater money at sharp books to keep the balance as your money tends to decrease at sharps.

• Another factor to consider according to the church of betting is the odds in both sharp and soft books. The odds are usually higher for the sharps as compared to the softs in an arbitrage pair. This means that to maintain the balance you need to fund the soft books more than the sharp ones. So this factor is in the favor of soft books.

• It is also important to be patient when you are running out of money at a certain book. In the book where you have a low balance, you should focus on the arbs involving higher odds in the same book even if the profits are smaller.

For good bookmakers, you can visit the site as it helps you to decide the most reliable ones out of all and you can make maximum profits out of it.


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All timeTotal slipsROI
1.  SirRainmaker 19 +100.29%
2.  Scriber739 157 +46.29%
3.  Hody17 224 +33.67%
This year (2021)Total slipsROI
1.  taktik85 698 -0.61%
2.  Stetrian62 272 -7.02%
Last year (2020)Total slipsROI
1.  Hody17 61 +23.98%
2.  Stetrian62 415 +21.65%
3.  mreduardo 88 +7.26%
This month (2021-04)Total slipsROI
1.  Stetrian62 77 -2.14%
2.  taktik85 174 -13.06%
Last month (2021-03)Total slipsROI
1.  taktik85 320 -1.18%
2.  Stetrian62 150 -8.54%


#1184452 [C]
18/4 13:01
Synot tip
odds: 43.716
0.50 EUR
#1 Manchester Utd. - Burnley 1
#2 Atlético Madrid - SD Eibar 1
#3 Slovan Liberec - Slavia Praha Tím1 celkový počet gólov Nad (0.5)
#4 FC Ingolstadt 04 - SV Meppen 1
#5 VfL Bochum - Hannover 1
#6 Salzburg - LASK Linz 1
#7 Slavoj Vyšehrad - SK Prostějov 2
#8 Wehen Wiesbaden - SpVgg Unterhaching 1
#9 FC Hradec Králové - Třinec 1
#1184438 [C]
18/4 12:45
odds: 1.560
10.00 EUR
Nantes - Lyon 2
#1184437 [C]
18/4 12:44
odds: 1.940
10.00 EUR
Leicester - Southampton 1
#1184436 [C]
18/4 12:43
odds: 1.850
10.00 EUR
Dijon - Nice 2
#1184435 [C]
18/4 12:42
odds: 1.860
10.00 EUR
Real Betis v Valencia CF 1


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